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11.19 Let There Be Light

It all started with dreams of going on adventures up and around America in a fast, efficient, stylish, and capable rig. Comfort comes first, function comes at a pretty close second. To be honest, the baja lights are until I find a cleaner fog light setup. It's a bit busy for me, but who knows.

However, why the big light bar? Can you imagine being able to go night running up a trail to get a better view of the stars? Watch sunsets on top of a hill, and not worry about visibility going back down the trail. It's all about having the tools readily available to give you options when you're in a situation.

But let's be honest. KC's on a Bronco screams classic Americana. That's cool. Thanks to the boys of Race Factory and their steady hands and attention to detail. With two days to go before WekFest, they rose to the occasion and delivered the truck with HELLA time on the clock.

Ouuu they kilt it. hahah Damn that look good. I gotta give credit to Val and Vedar on suggesting to place the light bar lower. Josh and Evan translated that vision. I know that they're just brackets, but it's what the brackets are holding and that's rad.

We did discover that the wipers make contact with the wires at the bottom of the lights. Race Factory is going to make a new set that extends and pushes up the positioning a tad higher. Which will still look good. All that's left washing the car and apply last minute shop vinyl :(.

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