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12.17 Corsa Club Track Day

What a track day. Don't let the sunny weather in the pics fool you. This day at Laguna Seca was a dangerous one due to the recent rain and cold temps. We closed shop on Friday to go stretch the cars legs out with some friends.

An easy track day quickly turned into an episode of Drive to Survive featuring a broken diff bolt on Vedar's E46 M3. It was a race to get this thing fixed and track ready before 2PM. Vedar had to go early due to family duties. Eventually the car got fixed to do a couple sessions. Super happy to see that! Make no mistake, the real MVP that day is Mr. Val. As the homie recounts the story "I had more seat time than Vedar", he ran all over Salinas/ Monterey getting a drill, hardware, and other random crap to help Vedar get back on track. Big ups to Val for being a CRUCIAL part in getting the car on track.

There was a wide array of cool cars in the paddock. Peep this stylish GT4. I have no clue what color it is, but imma guess it's purple.

The homies of Race Factory showing up and showing out. It was a treat to see the S54 powered E30 was hunting down the R32 GTR on the straights. What a spectacle that was

Super feeling the 90's touring car vibes on this E36 M Sedan. Love the graphics and the wheels!

This dude. Jason, what's up man?!

Oooffff R33's are the greatest OEM wheel ever made. Looks good on all tings.... EVEN A PT CRUISER! CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

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