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12.23 The FJ Comes Home

A couple years ago, I sold my beloved FJ Cruiser to my best homie Justin. I loved the truck but I knew I needed just a little more of everything, hence the Bronco. The Fajita, (pronounced fffa-JI-ta) as Justin affectionately calls it, currently resides in Southern California. On occasion, the truck does get driven back to the Bay for the holidays.

Usually, the visits are for small things like greasing UCA's, but this time we were tasked to hit some big items. Boy what a journey it was. There has been 50k+ miles put on since the front end of the car has been serviced. Justin first noticed the lower control arm bushings gone, tackling that was job 1. Job 2 was doing the bottom mount chop.

Throughout my ownership I lived with the tire rubbing the body ever so slightly. It never really bothered me, but it was noticeable. It was nice getting around to this project. Justin can go lock to lock with no contact now!

What a treat to see this. Before the business was ever a kernel in mind, the FJ was there. It has taken me to some of the most scenic drives/ places I have ever been to. More importantly it has opened me up to the off-roading scene.

We had some leftover Sasquatch stickers that @Superwowfactory printed for WekFest. Barc had originally designed this for the Bronco, but it was too cool to just be on one truck. Alongside the Bronco, and Barc's Tacoma, the ffa-Ji-TA joins the club of really cool adventure vehicles that happen to be all styled by me.

Perhaps I'll print some more and give these out to customers who embody the spirit of getting out there in nature in your truck.

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