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A Visit To Race Factory

Prologue: Without Race Factory, there would be no Love Shop. Yeah, that's right. When we thought of "this" business idea, we asked our buddies who owned shops what it would take to start one. Josh and Evan happen to be one of the first shops we visited. Mind you, they recently started and I've been following Evan's personal work closely. To see the new kids around the block doing well, gave us the confidence to go at it. They even hooked it up with our badass realtor Will Longo (big shouts to the homie). Y'all don't really understand how hard it is to find an affordable shop space. Race Factory served as a major inspiration for Vedar and I to start what is now Love Shop Auto. Thank you Evan and Josh.

This was no random visit. The purpose of me coming over is because I have a project on the Bronco that requires their services. Wanna know how to greet someone? Park an R32 GTR with shiny bright WHITE TE's right at the edge of the garage. Like a moth to a freakin light!

I honestly don't know what I'm looking at, but if I were to guess, it appears that this E36 has some fancy shit done to the engine and there are some respectably sized turbskis peeking through. Also, I didn't know that Josh and Evan are doing wind tunnel testing now, evident by the giant turbine in the background... JK hahahha

It's quite a treat to be in the middle of all this. Seeing the homies thriving brings a smile to my face. A lot of the current shops are old, with old people running them. Those people can't work forever and that will leave a void. Will the big boxes take over or will the indy shops hold their ground?

Josh, Evan, Scott and The Studio crew, and Chris of Type 3, they are all the next generations of shop owners. Working along their side gives me hope that California "tuner shops" will live on.

I'm about to CSI you right now. ENHANCE!

Peep the welds. Yep that's them... ENHANCE!

Peep this beautiful CUSTOM ONE OFF (not for long) battery holder + catch can tray thing they made. If I had a GTR, I would get one of these for sure. If you have a GTR, you should request to have one made so I can live vicariously through you...FREDDY lol

Seriously, I can't wait to see more of these cool products being made here.

More cool stuff coming soon. Love, Lo

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