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Barc's Tacoma aka The SOFAKING

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Customer Commissioned Build: The Sofaking Pt.1 I've known Barc for quite sometime and finding a cool car that suited his ownership style was a secret challenge. Barc would always talk about seeing a boxy American pickup in his hood and how cool it was. It even made it into his work as seen above. Unintentionally, Vedar and I found a good deal on a Tacoma and we figured that we needed a shop truck to do Home Depot pickups and parts runs till my Bronco arrived.

Barc's Tacoma will forever be part of the Love Shop Auto history. It served as our mobile work station and picnic bench.

Enter The Sofaking. It was very practical and overall low maintenance. This was a perfect match for Barc. The truck was purchased from the original owner who met me at a winery. It was one of the cooler transactions I've been a part of.

It wasn't quite the boxy American single cab truck he was exactly looking for but I knew it would open up a new adventures for him. This was also after I sold the FJ, so there was a 4x4 whole in my heart that needed to be filled. The name of this commissioned build is The Sofaking because the truck is so f***ing comfortable as Barc and I found out after one long night on the way back home from the shop.

The instructions were simple, I was to create a Somalian Pirate vehicle. To me that translated to rugged, simple, and functional. So I started searching IG for inspiration and started to get a mood board going. After consulting Barc about what he'd use the truck for, I started to formulate the components needed to meet his needs. I'll go over what we have done/ planned of the truck in the next post. For now, enjoy this photo dump of early Sofaking. It's come a long way since these days, and so has the shop.

These were the early days. Damn. Btw, deleting my IG was a solid idea. I feel like I can focus my creative efforts towards something I'm more passionate about like writing and photography. -Love, Lo

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