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BARC x Love Shop

As the Love Shop has opened its doors over the past few months, its story has begun to be written. If you have ever visited the Love Shop you will see BARC hanging out above the Driver's Lounge in a giant mural I hand painted.

If you look closely you'll find BARC accessing an airlock and a window looking out to space... That's right. When you enter the Love Shop, you are entering a Mothership... The Love Shop Mothership.

Here I have depicted the Love Shop as a giant floating garage in space beaming up totaled wrecks. I always envisioned cool cars as personal spaceships, and the Love Shop is the place you'd get yours upgraded and repaired.

As I am a character depicted in BARC, I have turned the owners of the Love Shop, Lo and Vedar into characters themselves. You can see above Lo on the right as Disgusto Domingo, and Vedar on the left as Long Legs. These are references to inside jokes made during my time working with the boys.

The Love Shop is alive in your dimension and the BARC Dimension as well. As the Love Shop and its amazing community of people with cool cars grows, so will the BARC Narrative and the aliens that inhabit the ever expanding universe of the Love Shop. During my brief time working on site at the Love Shop I have met tons of characters... or as I like to say, I have made friends with a lot of very cool aliens.

If you'd like to become part of the Love Shop Universe, click the image above to apply to the contest for your chance to be turned into a Love Shop Character designed by me, BARC the dog. Its super cool... Just fill out the form, upload a pic of your vehicle and cross your fingers that I'll turn you into a super cool character with your super cool spaceship. Here you can see Lo AKA Disgusto Domingo in his Porsche 997000 C2S:

At the bottom of every page you will find BARC with his speeder totaled. Click on the crash to keep up to date with the BARC Narrative behind the Love Shop.


I'm sure you've seen this lovely lady around. Her name is LOVE. She's sort of our receptionist. She's also the head Artificial Intelligence Unit of the Love Shop Mothership. If you need any help, just look for her. She's very nice.

- Love, BARC

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