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Bronco Shoot in The Dunes

What do you do when you get your dream truck? Go on an adventurous road trip with some friends and your lady, hoon in the dunes, and camp by the ocean. It's nice to have experienced different trucks and their individual setups at Pismo to use as a baseline. Using that information my butt dyno collected, I set out to put the Bronco through it's paces and compare it to the other trucks. My findings are simple.

This truck is BAD ASS. It's a truck that has the agility of a decent sports car. Power is on tap whenever and wherever you need. It doesn't feel top heavy, it almost feels like the center of gravity is closer to the middle. Let's just say that this thing was equally a blast on HWY 1 as the 911. We were cooking on that road and not once did it feel like the truck was gonna understeer. It was very neutral going into corners and the brakes did a good enough job. I thought that I'd want a Raptor Bronco, but the Badlands Sasquatch offers everything I wanted in an off-roader. Including very good gas mileage. Enough of the Bronco, y'all are gonna see more of this thing anyways. Onto the real stars of this weekend's fun at Pismo. Btw, there's a shit ton of details that I left out because I'm too lazy to write a novel.

-Love, Lo

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