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Bronlonius aka Lo's Bronco

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The journey started about 3 years ago when I was on a trip with my FJ Cruiser down in Baja running some of the course with a group. I was talking to someone about how I wish that Ford would make a modern Bronco because I love retro modern vehicles. He told me he worked for a PR firm and that I should wait because the Bronco will be coming out in the near future. He was for sure at that time because he said that they (Ford) had invested quite a bit on this project to back out now. A little over a year ago I sold my FJ Cruiser to my friend and placed a reservation for my Badlands. The rest was history!

Here's the old gal in her best form. I recently got into off-roading and instantly fell in love with it. It's the ability to build a cool looking rig and get deeper into nature. I was living my camel trophy fantasies with my friends... err like 1/100th of one. It's my adult tonka truck.

It was one Tuesday morning where I was running errands and I get a call on my back to work. It was Sean, the Bronco guy at Serramonte Ford. Without him saying a word, I asked "Is today the day?" he simply replied "today IS THE DAY". After screaming like a girl being asked to the prom by her crush with Sean on the line we quickly got to business. Without acknowledging what happened moments prior we figured out the logistics and set a time to come by. To my surprise, my long-time friend (who happens to work at Serramonte Ford) came in on his day off and helped me with the purchase process. Big SHOUT OUT TO THE HOMIE ANTHONY GUERRA. I'm very satisfied working with this team and would recommend them to anybody.

Before I get too deep in posting, I want to formally introduce myself. My name is Lo! 1/2 owner of a tire, alignment, and suspension shop called Love Shop Auto.

If you're in the Bay Area and you're looking for alignments and tires, come on by! My doors are open to fellow Bronco owners. I'm here to align the chakras of your Bronco before a road trip and or/ after a weekend of beating your truck up in the wilderness. I'll have to sort out the details with the mods, regarding us being a registered vendor. But hopefully until then, I won't get in trouble for posting some rad content.


-7/13/20- Reservation Date

- 1/28/21- Came in shortly after the reservation to sign a document to lock price in

- 4/1-6/18- Bronco roof insulation request and roof dilemma reported

- 07/2/21- Originally a hardtop reso holder but switched to soft top

I went in person to confirm the change and to receive a physical receipt of the change

- 08/12/21- Email notification that my truck got a production date for 8/30

- 9/3/21- Email notification that Bronco was built

- 9/28/21- Bronco received


Area 51

2.7L w/ 10 Speed

4 Door



Equipment group 334A

(Mid, High, and Lux)

Mods: (As of 10/17/21)


Rays Gram Lights 57DR-X

Size: 17x8.5 -10


Factory front brush guard


Factory swing gate table

Trips so far:

Pismo/ Oceano Dunes SVRA

Upcoming planned trips:

10/22 Rubicon (kinda nervous)

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