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Customer Builds: @BrianLy415's Beastly Daily

I'm going to start with this post with, THIS TRUCK HAS BEEN THROUGH RUBICON. It ain't no lil b. But for real, that's really cool. The conditions weren't ideal but Brian and the crew pushed through the trail till they had to turnaround. Round 2 when the weather gets warmer with the Bronco?

What I love is that you don't often see people rocking the camper + RTT setup. I get strong Australian touring vibes meets American overland style. Bonus points because it's super stylish through keeping it simple. It doesn't look like a damn Gundam with too many rocket launchers and bombs attached to it's side.

As soon as the truck was built, owner @Brianly415 packed up and headed east to visit some National Parks. No time was wasted putting this truck through some serious miles and views. Favorite feature, the thoughtful LED lights under the gull wings. I think Brian can fetch a solid $2000 a month for this mobile Bay Area apartment haha!

LOOK AT THIS THING! IT'S PALATIAL. I feel like I'm at the bottom steps at a villain's crib with this pic.

I appreciate that everything has a home and the Decked storage boxes are def rad. Love the logo, the pull out system, and the beer bottle opener integrated in the middle. Also, if you're wondering what that red thing is on the tailgate, it's a cutting board/ drink holder. It's a very useful and clever mod for those who go camping.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I might be biased but this is one of my favorite 3rd Gen Taco builds out there. At first glance this truck can be a bit overwhelming to look at with so many things, but shortly after things seem to adjust and fit into place (kinda like when your eyes adjust when you transition from dark to light). When you look at the truck as it's own entity without the scale of other vehicles around it, things make sense. It's purposeful and a little extra so that the truck has that extra edge when it's out there on the trails faced with tough obstacles.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parts List:

OME BP51 3” Lift Kit

SPC Upper control arms

Dakar heavy duty leaf pack

TRD Exhaust

Front: BAMF Cab Mount chop

BAMF Front bumper - steel

BAMF Rock sliders - steel

RCI Skid Plates

Morimoto XB Led headlights

Baja Designs Squadron Sport Amber

Baja Designs S2 Amber

Foot Work:

Rays TE37 Progressive 16x8 -20 Diamond Black

Goodyear Wrangler M/T 315/75/16

5.29 Regear

Backend Goods:

Alucab Explorer Canopy Short bed 5’

Alucab Gen 3 - Expedition Tent

Rhino rack Sunseeker Canopy

Water port Weekender 8 Gallon Shower

Decked drawer system


Jackery Solar Power camper generator

Stinger Sound Dampening

Full Sound System Upgrade

Custom 10” AUDIOMOBILE Subwoofer

Match 7ch DSP AMP

Front Blam 8” Speakers

Rear Focal upgrade

Blackvue D900s Dash cam f/r

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