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Customer Builds: Johnny Jones’ 5th Gen 4Runner

The Johnny Jones Build.

Johnny came to us requesting for a lift and tire package that will get him through light to medium duty off-roading. What I mean by that is something like fire roads and blue course type trails.

After asking a few more questions about vehicle load out, we decided on going with the entry level Dobinson’s 2” lift kit.

I cleared the schedule so we can all focus on it, but as the day went by, Vedar had ripped apart the truck himself. First thing next day, the suspension was instantly in.

Ta-da! Stealthy ain’t it? Kinda cool that he did all black because it gives it OEM+ vibes.

Building the truck was the easy part. Waiting for the parts to arrive was the challenge.

Big shout out to Johnny for his patience. He was ready to go back in November, and the suspension kit arrived just last week.

I’m very grateful to be working with a customer like him who understands the situation.

This is only part one of this build. Part two is when his Methods arrive. In the meantime enjoy these really cool product shot type pics. All the vibes.

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