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Howdy Neighbor: @Masonjar_

I want to give this new "thing" a try. Lately, I've been having some really passionate conversations with people about their, well... passions!

Here's my neighbor Jason aka @Masonjar_ on IG. It's nice to run into him from time to time because we get to catch up on our latest adventure. He told me he's getting into vlogging and he does these cool videos once in awhile. The content delivered. The man underpromised and it over delivered. I highly recommend giving his account a follow if you're into nature shit. It's dope. Composition, lighting, VIBE (is that even a setting?) IS ON POINT!

Well done sir and I look forward to seeing and sharing your work.

BTW, just personal opinion. Jason if you're reading this, I think this song is also befitting for the vibes

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