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Love Shop Character Contest!

This is really shaping up to be a fun project by @BARCtheDog. We grew up on Need for Speed, Initial D, and Fast and Furious and we wanted to create something unique to the shop and it's story. We've created the backdrop through Barc's artwork and the physical shop, and you as the customers are the characters that create the story.

Let's get this contest kicked off with submission made by Phil aka @rephillable. Piloting a 2001 BMW M3000, Fill Torgis hunts for the San Jose Touges not ABG's. When he's not at his engineering job or being a good son, Fill can be found hanging out at the Love Shop Auto garage engaging in shop banter. He's at the shop learning how to wrench so he's better equipped when he's faced with a mechanical challenge. He's currently focusing on his career and his passion for cars. Fill Torgis, on behalf of BARC the Dog and the Love Shop Crew, we wish you safe travels and congrats on winning this month's character contest. ARTWORK BY: @BARCtheDog BTW, we're always taking in submissions. Whatcha waiting for? Go and enter!

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