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Love Shop NFTs

You may have seen NFTs in the form of apes, punks, or other random forms of artwork, but what is it? In my opinion, a NFT is up to its creators to define.

Love Shop NFTs are not only collectible pieces of artwork, but they also give you access to an exclusive club... The Love Shop Auto Club or LSAC. As you have seen with our Character Contest, you can apply to have yourself made into an Alien Character. Most NFTs you see these days are made up of randomized assets but Love Shop NFTs are personalized characters and avatars of real people. These characters are an augmented virtual representation of yourself that comes with actual digital and real life membership benefits. A groundbreaking feat in the car world.

Current LSAC Membership Benefits include digital and IRL rewards such as, Electronic Membership ID, Membership Profile, QR Code Sticker, and 5% Off Alignments. Click here to view BARC's NFT and read the description for more information on LSAC Membership Benefits.

The amazing thing about NFTs is that you can do anything you want with them and just like Love Shop, our NFTs will grow and evolve through time. We plan to have exclusive events, merch, and more. As we move into this digital world and the metaverse begins to expand, you will have your own digital persona in the form of your Love Shop Character.


  • WHAT IS NFT? First of all NFTs make digital assets have real world values. The difference between owning a jpeg of an image/artwork you like and owning the NFT (which represents the jpeg) is that you have proof of ownership through the blockchain. Sure you can just grab a jpeg off the internet, but you don't actually own it. When you buy an NFT the blockchain represents a permanent receipt of where the NFT has come from, who created it, who you bought it from, and so on. The blockchain is a public permanent record of the NFT's history.

  • WHERE TO GET NFT? Our NFTs are hosted on OpenSea. There are many websites to host and sell NFTs, but OpenSea is great because it shows your entire collection that is connected to your Crypto Wallet no matter what website it is from.

  • HOW TO BUY NFT? You will need a Crypto Wallet (I use MetaMask) to enter into the NFT space. In this new world of crypto currency and NFTs, you will need a crypto wallet. This is where your crypto currency, or ETH (etherium) can be used and where you will transfer or receive NFTs. Your crypto wallet is the main tool to interact in the NFT space. When you sign up for MetaMask, you will be able to link it to your OpenSea account and you will be ready.

Owning a Love Shop NFT means that you have a 1 of 1 character personalized for you by BARC the dog. As I said above, we plan on growing and evolving the Love Shop NFT Program. We have already come so far with our world building, and am very excited for you to interact with us in the NFT space.

So whether you are a NFT Master Collector or have have never even heard of NFTs, stay tuned on our journey through this new world and invest in love.

Love, BARC

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