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Making of the Love Shop

We wanted to make our own Fast and Furious garage... and we did it.

But it all started on a sticky note. Before I continue, I should introduce myself. I am BARC, BARC the dog to be precise. Lo, who is like a brother to me, one half of the Love Shop, and also will be the main voice of the blog, came to me to handle the branding and overall design of his new project. I instantly fell in love with the name... No pun intended. LOVE SHOP! A combination of Lo and Vedar (the other half of the shop). LO + VE - dar = LOVE.

From there we set off to inject narrative into the Love Shop. I wanted to weave BARC into this amazing project and so I set BARC in a futuristic race world where the Love Shop is the place he would get repairs.

I also have a joke with Lo about him being quite disgusting... So here is his racer, Disgusto Domingo! More characters to come.

At this point, we have a logo and some narrative with BARC sprinkled all over. Lo then came to me with a space he just locked down. It was a big empty garage. He sent me a picture and told me that he would include a 20 ft container for a "Driver's Lounge" and a 10 ft container for an office. We went back and forth for a while and eventually came up with this layout.

Here's a more technical layout of the space with plans for all the equipment.

Now we could see it. Our own fast and furious garage. I told Lo it was like a Need for Speed save point. Some where a player could get upgrades and just hang out... Maybe listen to the cool loading music while waiting for their upgrades to be complete.

With most of the planning done, Lo then flew me out to paint a BARC Mural and help install the containers. The Love Shop is up and running, but there's still more work to do. I'll leave you with this picture below. It is of me (BARC) collapsed on the ground after a tornado of a time finishing the mural. I urge you to go see the shop in person and experience what we have made. There will be much more to learn about the Love Shop and the story behind it, but until then...

I love this place.

- Love, BARC

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