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Packaging My Comms

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Here's a visual tour of how I keep my comms systems organized in the Bronco. The Midland GMRS radio system lives in the truck, while the Motorolas chill at home till duty calls.

An underutilized feature that my Bronco comes with are cool molle panels on the backs of the seats. The designers wanted to give owners their choice of how they want to arrange their gear. So this sparked the idea to get molle pouches.

Stealth is key since the truck gets street parked. Out of sight and out of mind. And I hope, out of the hands of thieves.

Godzilla and Gundams

Deep pockets are key

The drawstring is really cool because it allows you to adjust how wide you want the pouches mouth to be.

Btw, you can attach the pouches together! This is rad because I can strap the little pouch to the bigger pouch.

Peek-a-boo ok I don't wanna write anymore. enjoy

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