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Phase 1: Sohan's Modern Retro GX

Call me crazy, but I think the 1st gen GX is a better deal than a new 4runner (no offense, I love me a good 5th gen). With the cost of new cars soaring through the roof, the GX seems to be the best bang for your buck when it comes to an off-roader. You get a chassis that can tow a decent amount, a V8 with decent MPG's, and very luxurious comfortable interior for about $15,000 or less.

Enter Sohan, my neighbor. He's a track guy who dabbles in off-roading and is looking to further immerse himself in the culture. The goal was to build a comfy desert cruiser. We went with the top-notch *ish with the Dobinson's MRR's so he can tune his ride out on the trails.

He was transferring his FN wheels wrapped in 33's over from his Taco to the GX. The vibe is a 90's style JDM lifted truck. Big lift tiny wheels with poke. In order to achieve this, a body mount was called for.

Peek-a-boo! Since Sohan will be running front and rear armor, we picked out the spring rates that will play nice with the added weight. We paired him up with extended brake lines so he does't rip the OEM ones when he's flexing his rear axle.

Here's the end result! The truck still needs to get an alignment, and if we have time, we'll remove the side steps. Once the armor is on, I think it will complete the look more.

I like it!

Icelandic arctic exploration truck vibes? YES PLEASE!

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