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The Phil Build

Taco Tuesday's just got spicier. For this build, we went with the "works". 3" lift using:

-Dobinson's MRR kit

Custom spring rates were chosen based on the future plans for this build


I always recommend getting these so we can dial in your alignment better

-Body mount chop,

For clearance. With 35's, there better be room for the rubber and your ego lololol

-Gramlight 57dr's

The homie went with blue. Such a good combo with the white.


Because Vedar lol

Unfortunately I didn't get shots of the completed build, but next time he rolls by, I'll get some. On a side note we're stoked that Philip is now able to join us out on the trails. I hope he'll get his camping gear right.

BTW, if you're thinking about these, I say do it. For the price you get a REALLY nice ride and good adjustability. I'm still a brand whore and I most likely will end up with Fox's on the Bronco, but lemme tell you about Dobinson's. DAMN. I believe!

GADDAM. Love, Lo

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