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Photos By Ruby Woo: The "Others"

Howdy! World, I'd like to introduce you to Ruby Woo, a fellow instagram E46 owner, whose photography caught my eye from way back on the popular pages. Her photos have a cold stillness to it that I appreciate. As someone who loves to turn up the saturation and warmths (inspired my Mike's work on Stanceworks), it's nice to see something different. Big shout out to Ruby for allowing me to share her work on the Love Shop platform. Instagram did these photos a disservice. It's hard to describe, but the formatting of viewing photos on IG make it feel temporary. The blog isn't the complete solution, but it's better. Thank you for blessing us with your work. Part deuck (lol) is coming soon!

Ruby if you get this far on my ramble, you should honestly sell these as prints to people. This would like fabulous in my home, homie✌🏽

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