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SOFAKING's Cockpit Upgrades Weathertech + Sony Headunit

lol. So where did we leave off? Ah! The truck was lifted and sitting at a very mild height as per the customer's request.

As per the usual truck build follow up, we re-torque all the new suspension bits. It was also a great time to tackle the interior.

I wanted to give it my personal touch which isn't much: 1) Weathertech Floor Liners

so it's easy to clean

the carpets are protected from soaking in odor.

2) Apple CarPlay Headunit 3) JDM Squash air freshener 4) Phone mount

Here are the pics for the headunit install. Shouts to Justanous Gabrionus with the assistance with the install. He had just been fresh off doing Alyssia's car for her bday so I had to hit him up. In my eyes, he was a professional at that point.

And then the floor mats

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