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Wayne's Not So Base Bronco

YO! THE DAY HAS COME! MY FIRST BRONCO CUSTOMER!! WOOOT I hope this is the first of many Broncos to come through the Love Shop doors. It's so cool to be a service provider/ contributor to a sub-car community that I'm in. I usually browse the forums to see what's new in the Bronco world. That particular day I saw Wayne's post about looking for a tire/ alignment shop to get work done on his new baby!

In this situation I really couldn't help myself. I had to reach out! I have all the resources to take care of Wayne's request. The task was simple, get 32's for the steelies. I recommend the Falken Wildpeak AT3's based on Wayne's input on the type of driving and adventures he'll be going on. It's crazy how tires alone completely morph a trucks look.

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