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USDM.STORE is Open for Business!

Welcome @Usdm.Store! We’re stoked to announce that we’re pairing up for this pop-up shop.

It’s a consignment shop where used parts, old magazines, and random cool stuff find a new home. It’s also a snack station where you can help yourself to some of our favorite JDM canned drinks.

@Usdm.Store is a concept inspired by Hiroshi Fujiwara's "The Conveni", Pogi The Man's The Park Ing Ginza, Family Mart, and Up Garage.

I got feedback from Barc and Alejandro about cleaning up the container. I originally had my bike and a bunch of random wheels pushed against the wall. Thank goodness for Mike for taking the torch and running with this idea. @Usdm.Shop really cleans the corner up and adds to the Fast and Furious vibes we're going for.

When you come in for your next alignment, be sure to peep and Mochi their shop keeper

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